Pre-Orders Now Open


preorder_preview_c2_comStronghold Crusader 2 is now available for pre-order! The standard and special editions of Crusader 2 can be pre-purchased on Steam, the Humble Store, GetGames and Amazon, with other online retailers soon to be added. We have several pre-order bonuses, including two exclusive mini-campaigns, a 10% discount and more. Please enjoy our latest trailer which features music composed by Robert Euvino, new siege equipment and a brief glimpse of an old enemy… More

Radius Interview

paul_at_radiusA few weeks ago Journalist Keith Stuart and Game Designer Georg Backer sat down to interview our Senior Producer at Radius Festival. Click here to experience Paul’s unique ability to play the game while being interviewed and see him employ three of the cruellest tactics available in Stronghold: Fire, disease and cheats! Highlights include the return of the Trebuchet and a sneak peak at some of the new diseased animals that will be launched over castle walls.

New Blood: Sergeant at Arms


The Sergeant at Arms, an all-new unit for the Crusader forces, makes his debut in Stronghold Crusader 2 as one of many troop types with a unique ability. Say you’re surrounded and without hope, stuck on the open battlefield with fewer numbers than your opponent and no time to call for reinforcements. In situations like this the Sergeant at Arms would be just the unit you need, with his ability to boost morale and overcome help your squad overcome greater numbers. More

Minimum System Requirements


When we first announced Stronghold Crusader 2 one of the first pieces of information released was that the game will use a newly enhanced 3D engine. By this point the team was so experienced with the Havok Vision Engine that learning something completely new and moving away from 3D would be a waste of that knowledge. Our stated goal with Crusader 2 was to create the best 3D Stronghold game yet and that’s exactly what we intent to deliver.  More

Crusader Competition Winner

Video_comp_DE smallThe people have spoken, My Lord! Last week we posted a selection of seven videos for the Stronghold Crusader Video Competition, allowing you to vote on your favourite by leaving their name in the comments below. These votes have been counted and we would like to congratulate Irfan on his video being chosen as the winner!

Interview – RTS Guru

RTS_Guru_Interview_2014RTS Guru caught up with us post-E3 to talk Stronghold Crusader 2, specifically what we have learnt after bringing the game to numerous events allowing player and press to test the game. Click here to find out how player feedback has impacted development, our favourite feature and how we will be tackling Stronghold’s renowned learning curve!

Video Competition Voting Now Live

Video_comp_DE smallWe are thrilled to present you with seven creative, exciting and heart-warming videos for you to vote on! Two weeks ago we asked you to create your own videos demonstrating your passion for Stronghold Crusader, for a chance to win access to the E3 demo and to have one of the peasants in Crusader 2 be named after you. We’ve received a variety of videos, ranging from song-remixes using Crusader soundbites to tales told with custom battles. Due to the large amount of submitted videos, we’ve narrowed them down to seven. More

Meet the Rat


It gives us great pleasure to announce that The Rat, one of the four most notorious AI Lords in the Stronghold universe, will be returning to wreak havoc in Crusader 2. There is always a certain element of nostalgia at play when making a sequel to such an old and beloved game, but that is not our motivation here. The return of our classic characters is among the most frequently requested features from fans. More

Stronghold Crusader Video Competition

Video_comp_DE smallWhile presenting the E3 build of Stronghold Crusader 2 at E3 2014, we couldn’t help but notice your eagerness to try the demo yourself. To this end we have decided to run a new competition giving you the chance to play the Crusader 2 E3 demo, which was previously reserved for press. Not only that, but one of the peasants in the game will receive your name! The competition starts now and the deadline for submissions is Sunday 29th June at 23:59 BST. More

Firefly at Radius


We are super happy to announce that Stronghold Crusader 2 will be playable tomorrow in central London, at a new event called ‘Radius’! Two brave members of the Firefly team will be bringing an updated beta version of our PAX East demo, in which players fought against the mighty Caliph in an early skirmish mission that involved lots and lots of fire.