New DLC and Free Map Pack



Man the castle walls and gather your forces as two powerful AI Lords approach the desert! Now available on Steam, The Princess & The Pig DLC adds seven missions, two AI opponents, 10 achievements and new castle designs unique to The Princess and The Pig. To celebrate the release we have also released a new ‘Blow the horn, Bang the drum’ update adding improved AI, new maps and much more!

DLC, Map Packs & Invasions

p&p_fb_reveal_websiteAfter teasing our upcoming release we can now finally reveal two important dates and the new features coming to Stronghold Crusader 2! Get ready for The Princess & The Pig DLC on March 20th and receive a free map pack as part of our ‘Blow the Horn, Bang the Drum’ update on the same day. That’s not all… We also plan to release sandbox invasions, new Freebuild maps and more two weeks later on April 2nd!


Steam Workshop Winners

shc2_comp_workshop_2015_finalists_janShortly after the launch of Steam Workshop support for Stronghold Crusader 2 we asked you to send us your finest custom maps. Since then we have received a tremendous number of thoughtfully designed and exciting battlegrounds, boosting the number of custom maps available on our Steam Workshop page into the hundreds! Picking our winner and runner-up was no easy feat as we put your creations to the test. More

Workshop Competition Update

shc2_comp_workshop_2015_extendIn light of today’s submission deadline for your custom maps in the Crusader 2 Steam Workshop competition, we have received a number of requests asking us to extend the submission period to include the weekend. To provide you with sufficient time to tweak the details of your landscapes, balance the ingame events and turn your vision into a thrilling Crusader 2 experience, the new deadline for submissions will be 10:00 GMT on Monday, January 12th. More

Game Chronicles Review

Crusader2 2014-09-22 16-31-27-18

Over the Christmas period the good people over at Game Chronicles seem to have received a copy of Crusader 2, posting a new review of the game on Boxing Day! Jason Flick enjoys his time with the Special Edition, playing around with Steam Workshop and having the most fun in Free Build mode, also a personal favorite of ours. Click here to find out what he had to say about “the ultimate in castle building, the Stronghold franchise”.

Christmas Update


As an early Christmas present for the Crusader 2 community we have just released a new update (Version: 1.0.20143). This update, which adds a key feature players have been asking for since launch, introduces a custom Stock Bar and extra options for the in-game camera and windowed mode. A short description of each new feature can be found in our full news post. More

Steam Workshop Competition


With full Steam Workshop support added last week in our Winter Update, it is now easier than ever to share your own custom maps, missions and castle replicas with the Crusader 2 community. We have already seen some amazingly inventive creations, as befitting the Stronghold community, now we want to reward your efforts with our first Crusader 2 Custom Map Competition!  More

Christmas Tournament


Thanks to all who contributed the Crusader 2 Christmas Tournament was the big success we’d all hoped for. From the players who fought as combatants and shed blood on the virtual battlefield to those who followed the tournament on Facebook and YouTube, your support and enthusiasm was hugely encouraging for the team. As we continue to improve Multiplayer in the wake of the Winter Update it is encouraging to see people enjoying competitive multiplayer and showing the team a few new tricks!

Winter Update


winter_ud_en (2)

We are happy to announce that the Winter Update for Stronghold Crusader 2 is now live on Steam! Today’s release (Version 1.0.19990) adds full Steam Workshop support, six new skirmish maps voted for by players and advanced multiplayer features including Strong Walls and Double Health Walls. More