New DLC and Free Maps



The next expansion for Stronghold Crusader 2, ‘The Emperor & The Hermit’ adds two extra AI opponents, an all-new Crusader Trail campaign, 10 achievements, five player shields and new castle designs. As an added bonus, everyone who owns the base game can now access nine additional maps for free. Players with and without the DLC can play together online on a map of their choosing, regardless of whether they own the DLC or not. More

Coming May 13th


Immediately after the release of ‘The Emperor & The Hermit’ DLC, we will be updating Crusader 2 on Steam with a new map pack. Giving everyone access to the DLC’s selection of new battlefields, this update will be added to the game automatically and completely free of charge. We will tease a few of these in the run up to the release, but expect multiple skirmish maps, Sandbox maps for building (and laying siege to) massive castle and an extra bonus map! More

DLC Arrives May 13th


With brutal sand storms raging across the desert The Emperor and The Hermit have sent forward messengers, boldly announcing that their arrival will come to pass on May 13th. This final arrival date gives us one more week to practice our war cries in preparation for these new Lords and their cunning castle designs. To make the wait a little easier and sate your hunger for battle, our scouts have returned with new images of our enemies’ castles and the battlegrounds on which they will wage war. More

Free DLC: Invasions


Our new ‘Invasions’ update is now available on Steam, free for all owners of Stronghold Crusader 2. Launch siege invasions against your castle in Sandbox mode, turn on easy AI or choose your faction in single player Skirmish Trail missions and build across a selection of new maps in custom skirmish, sandbox or online multiplayer. Already own Crusader 2? Launch the Steam client now and your game should automatically update.

New Maps Revealed


In anticipation of the launch of our ‘Invasions’ update this week, we are proud to reveal new images and information for the included map pack. These maps, part of the free update, is designed to give fans of all game modes new land to tinker with and do battle across. Do you prefer to play as a lone wolf in custom skirmish against the AI, with your friends online or solo in the economy-focussed Sandbox mode? With the ‘Invasions’ update there will be new maps for you, whatever your preference! More

Invasions Update & New DLC Dated


The fears of the clergy have proven warranted, as we have received new information revealing the identities of two new enemies as they emerge from the shadows. Calling themselves ‘The Emperor’ and ‘The Hermit’, both seek to establish the reign of their armies and twisted beliefs. ‘The Emperor & The Hermit’ DLC is set to reignite the religious wars that have blighted these lands, expanding our roster of opponents and adding a new Skirmish Trail. More

USA Tournament


Following the conclusion of the peaceful Easter holidays, it is now time to draw battle lines. Sign up now for the Stronghold Crusader 2 USA Tournament, scheduled to take place next month! Hosted by strategy YouTuber and Firefly superfan SergiuHellDragoon, the Crusader 2 USA Tournament is being run in collaboration with Firefly. More

Shadows on the Horizon


Whispers among the most outspoken radicals tell our spies one thing: A new threat draws near. Although we are pleased to report that the clergy in Jerusalem have temporarily put an end to their quarrels and infighting, we are by no means safe. Followers of many different creeds, be they Christian or Muslim, are uniting out of fear. They hear the same reports as we, what can only be described as forces of malice and hatred will soon be upon us… More

Sandbox Invasions 22/04

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After ‘The Princess & The Pig’ DLC and our recent ‘Blow the horn, Bang the drum’ update, we are focused on the next free update for Crusader 2. Three of the most frequently-requested features are on their way including AI invasions in Sandbox mode, greater customization when playing Crusader Trails and something to help players with the devious AI. Arriving a little later than expected on April 22nd, our Sandbox invasions update has been delayed slightly due to a new arrival! More

New DLC and Free Map Pack


Man the castle walls and gather your forces as two powerful AI Lords approach the desert! Now available on Steam, The Princess & The Pig DLC adds seven missions, two AI opponents, 10 achievements and new castle designs unique to The Princess and The Pig. To celebrate the release we have also released a new ‘Blow the horn, Bang the drum’ update adding improved AI, new maps and much more!