New Update & Teaser


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We have just released a new update for Stronghold Crusader 2. Today’s release (Version 1.0.19791) introduces numerous small improvements, optimizations and tweaks to the game, as well as several bug fixes addressing issues reported by players. Read on to find out exactly what bugs have been fixed, changes implemented and additions made! More

Christmas Tournament


Winter is coming… It is time to gird your loins and join the Stronghold Crusader 2 European Tournament hosted by Firefly superfan and strategy YouTuber SergiuHellDragoon. Sign up now and within weeks you will be locking horns with Stronghold players of all skill levels, with exclusive prizes on offer for those who stand victorious when the dust settles! More

New Map, Fixes & Balancing



We have just release an update (1.0.19574) for Stronghold Crusader 2, which can be downloaded automatically via the Steam client. This new update introduces a new skirmish map, map balancing and fixes for player-reported issues. We have also added unit and building stats to the info page, revealing exact damage values, special abilities, building strength and more! More

Minas Tirith Comminity Map



Having a castle building tool such as the Crusader 2 Map Editor at your disposal, why not recreate the most epic castles from your favourite movies? Forum user Micha took the challenge and created a Stronghold Crusader 2 version of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings! The custom map lets you to either siege or defend this magnificent stronghold, allowing you to recreate your favourite battles. SergiuHellDragoon took the challenge of defending Minas Tirith against invading forces led by his friend in a new video. More

Balance Update



We have released a new update for Stronghold Crusader 2, introducing various balancing changes and a number of hotfixes aimed squarely at addressing player-reported issues. Your feedback and suggestions are being closely monitored by the Crusader team at Firefly, so please keep them coming! We already have a huge list of suggestions to work through with some added in today’s update and many more to come. More

Infographic & Update Plan



At the end of week one the Crusader 2 team decided to tally up all gameplay stats, revealing the most interesting figures in a handy infographic. Take a look at your first week of gameplay in this new image, which specifies important information such as the number of diseased animals thrown, longest multiplayer game and the total number of castles destroyed! More

Hot Keys & Fixes Update



We have just released a new update addressing some of the most common issues players are experiencing. Please read on for a full list of changes, new hot keys and gameplay tweaks based on the first week of feedback. If you are experiencing an issue not listed in our change log and you have yet to report it to us then please do so. Submit a support ticket with full details of the issue via our support site. More

Stronghold Crusader 2 is Out Now!

outnow_enThank you for supporting us and making Stronghold Crusader 2 possible. This is our first independently developed and funded game, built with your encouragement, feedback and support over the past two years. It is far from the end for Crusader 2, with content updates, DLC and patches all planned to follow in the weeks and months after launch, but it gives us great pleasure to say that the game is now available on Steam! More

Meet the Wolf

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Stronghold is known for its tendency to test players’ mental dexterity and with the resurgence of these kinds of games it makes perfect sense to include The Wolf at launch. We want his addition to the cast of AI characters to reinforce our message that Crusader 2 retains the series’ sense of challenge. When you are victorious against The Wolf, or any character for that matter, it should feel like an absolute triumph. More

Meet the Sultana

sul2An all-new character to the Stronghold universe, the Sultana continues our tradition of historically accurate characters with a touch of creative flair. Part of the game’s thematic fight for freedom against invading Crusader hordes, the Sultana prefers deception and intelligent use of the land over brute force. Our penultimate developer diary walks you through the basics of the Sultana’s attack, army composition and castle economy, highlighting effective counter strategies. More