Meet the Wolf


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Stronghold is known for its tendency to test players’ mental dexterity and with the resurgence of these kinds of games it makes perfect sense to include The Wolf at launch. We want his addition to the cast of AI characters to reinforce our message that Crusader 2 retains the series’ sense of challenge. When you are victorious against The Wolf, or any character for that matter, it should feel like an absolute triumph. More

Meet the Sultana

sul2An all-new character to the Stronghold universe, the Sultana continues our tradition of historically accurate characters with a touch of creative flair. Part of the game’s thematic fight for freedom against invading Crusader hordes, the Sultana prefers deception and intelligent use of the land over brute force. Our penultimate developer diary walks you through the basics of the Sultana’s attack, army composition and castle economy, highlighting effective counter strategies. More

New Release Date

Today we are announcing that Stronghold Crusader 2 has been delayed by three weeks, with a new release date of September 23rd. We know this makes the wait a little harder, but this is the correct decision for a number of reasons. Having recently concluded our closed beta, which provided us with excellent feedback from the community, we feel there’s a little more we need to do before release. Over the past two years we have said the game is ‘ready when it’s ready’ and this is the best course of action. More

IGN Preview

IGN recently interviewed Firefly Lead Designer Simon Bradbury, exploring the novelties of Stronghold Crusader 2 and the changes made to the development process. Looking at Crusader 2 from the perspective of a novice Stronghold player, Mikel was tantalised by the far reaching complexity of the core Stronghold gameplay. In this new preview he reports his first impressions after encountering Richard the Lionheart, one of the fiercest AI opponents in the game. More

GameTrailers Preview

GameTrailers recently posted a new preview for Stronghold Crusader 2 with exclusive gameplay footage while talking about the features that make it stand out from previous titles, some of the units you can look forward to and the advantages that lie within the brand new co-op multiplayer:

Polygon Preview

Yesterday Phil Kollar started his day by taking on the tyrannical Caliph! Reporting for Polygon, Phil played through our recent beta build demo with help from Lead Designer Simon Bradbury. Prefacing his article with “I was not built to be king”, Phil is quite honest about his chances against one of Stronghold’s most famous AI Lords. That said he puts up an excellent fight. Having only played one hour of Stronghold before going up against the Caliph, Phil certainly jumped in at the deep end.

Interview with Simon Bradbury

In this new interview YouTube Content Creator Quill18 and Firefly Lead Designer Simon Bradbury spend nearly an hour discussing Stronghold Crusader 2. Creating a new experience with innovative features while staying true to the original game can be a difficult task, but we are up to the challenge! Simon talks about co-op, new unit abilities, Steam Workshop integration and how all these things are being tested and balanced as we speak.

Firefly at Gamescom 2014

We are excited to announce that Stronghold Crusader 2 is coming to Gamescom 2014! Instead of simply visiting Europe’s largest video games convention as a company retreat or hiding somewhere in the business area we are coming along so that YOU can try out Stronghold Crusader 2 first hand! We invite you to join us in Cologne between the 14th and 17th of August for your chance to play the latest build, compete against your friends in multiplayer, take on the Caliph and meet part of the Crusader team. More

Pre-Orders Now Open

preorder_preview_c2_comStronghold Crusader 2 is now available for pre-order! The standard and special editions of Crusader 2 can be pre-purchased on Steam, the Humble Store, GetGames and Amazon, with other online retailers soon to be added. We have several pre-order bonuses, including two exclusive mini-campaigns, a 10% discount and more. Please enjoy our latest trailer which features music composed by Robert Euvino, new siege equipment and a brief glimpse of an old enemy… More

Radius Interview

paul_at_radiusA few weeks ago Journalist Keith Stuart and Game Designer Georg Backer sat down to interview our Senior Producer at Radius Festival. Click here to experience Paul’s unique ability to play the game while being interviewed and see him employ three of the cruellest tactics available in Stronghold: Fire, disease and cheats! Highlights include the return of the Trebuchet and a sneak peak at some of the new diseased animals that will be launched over castle walls.