‘Siege That!’ Highlights


vlcsnap-2015-09-04-18h07m25s69Watch Crusader 2 players SKARABEI007, korsar, FireRanger, Mejdzr, Knyaz Michael, SergiuHellDragoon, Mr.Monk, nsvsochi, CadettKlinge, DragonHeart, Hatty, bayoda, AniGrill, Dark Souldier, eric, Beroky 2.0, Dekay, third place perryale90, runner-up DSPL and tournament champion blobka battle it out with Firefly Studios!  More

‘Siege That!’ Victor Crowned

enFirst off a massive thank you to the gallant warriors who fought bravely in our ‘Siege That!’ tournament besieging three mighty castles. We had a great time defending against the onslaught of catapults and archer fire, clashing swords with the multiplayer community that’s so important to the Crusader games. The peasants of Pyke Castle, DoubleHill and Steinschloss can now live in peace, with the last bloody battle fought in Sunday’s grand finale. More

‘Siege That!’ Round Two


After a series of bloody Round One battles against the Firefly paladins just seven brave contestants remain standing over the ruins of Pyke Castle. These mighty warriors will soon face even greater challenges, proving their worth on the battlefield by sieging our second castle. Who will return home with the spoils of war? Winner prizes include Steam codes for our games, signed copies of Stronghold Crusader 2, Firefly t-shirts and DLC. More

Tournament Contestants Revealed

enThanks to the brave souls who applied for our official Crusader 2 ‘Siege That!’ tournament, each hoping to secure one of 20 sought-after spots, we can now reveal the full tournament roster! As promised we have randomly selected 20 lucky contestants from the total pool of entrants, all looking to go on the offensive and demonstrate their besieging abilities in the first round this Sunday! More

The Future of Stronghold


Today we have two huge announcements to make! First things first, we are proud to announce that Stronghold Kingdoms will be coming to iPad and iPhone! Featuring the full game in playable form, a customised interface with new touchscreen controls and of course cross platform play with the millions of existing Kingdoms players, Stronghold Kingdoms iOS will be one of a kind on the App Store. More

Firefly @ Gamescom


In just under two weeks’ times Europe’s largest gaming convention will open its doors to literally hundreds of thousands of gamers and developers in sunny Cologne Germany. Gamescom has always been very important to us as a platform for making exciting new announcements, meeting with players and demoing our games. We have had many questions coming in about whether we’ll be at the show, what we’re bringing and whether you’ll see or hear anything new from us. Want to know more? Read on… More

‘Siege That!’ Tournament


Amidst the haze of the summer heat the time has come for YOU to challenge and defeat the Stronghold Crusader 2 team! Scheduled to begin on August 16th, our latest tournament gives you the chance to win exclusive tournament-only prizes. All you have to do is sign up, train diligently and hold your nerve on the battlefield. The quickest Lords to successfully siege three user-created castles, defended in separate rounds by the folks here at Firefly, will win a mix of tournament-exclusive physical and digital prizes! More

Celebrating Your Work

500_enThe Workshop is growing, Sire! With the Steam Workshop, players have been able to easily share the maps they themselves created in the Stronghold Crusader 2 Map Editor, providing all players with an even wider range of unique battle fields, environments and tactical obstacles. In your efforts to forge the ultimate battle grounds for Multiplayer fights, Skirmish matches and experimental mischief, a total of 500 user created maps have been published in the Crusader Steam Workshop! More

New Firefly Website


Fireflyworlds.com is dead… Long live the new Fireflyworlds! We are pleased to announce the arrival the new official Firefly Studios website. Designed to make it as easy as possible for players, press and anyone interested in our company to get technical support, press assets, review code and information on our latest endeavors, the new website has been created with all devices in mind. Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and almost anything else you can use to surf the web in 2015 (apart from smart watches… At least for now) are all supported, with a dynamic theme that will magically shape-shift depending on the device you’re browsing from. More